Marci is a best-selling author, dynamic teacher, and gifted spiritual guide

Marci’s transformational methods have helped people from across the globe step into their power, own their purpose and take action on their dreams. Combining practical tools with spiritual principles, Marci’s mission is to empower others to live happy, healthy, love-filled lives through soul-centered coaching, workshops and retreats.

Marci is the author of four best-selling books that focus on mindfulness, spirituality and conscious living. She is a contributor to various publications such as Natural Awakenings Magazine and AZ Net News. A number of her meditations have been featured on prominent web applications such as Insight Timer and Prana Heart.

Drawing upon her experience as a licensed nurse and spiritual coach, Marci has developed a unique way of blending multiple modalities that creates change in a holistic, practical and empowering way. Her heart-centered work has helped others discover their own inner wisdom and live happier, healthier, more authentic and fulfilling lives.

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Guest or Featured Speaker:

  • Arizona State University
  • Changing Hands Bookstore
  • Inner Vision Yoga
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • 365 Days Angel Prayer Circle
  • Live Your Best Life Online Conference
  • The Center for True Harmony Wellness and Medicine
  • Barnes and Noble Bookstore
  • Pyle Recreation Center
  • Tempe Public Library
  • World Angel Day
  • Sunlight Alliance Healing Center
  • Scottsdale Healthcare System
  • AZ Speakers Bureau
  • Honor Health
  • Whole Foods
  • Ha Yoga and Life Studio
  • Naturopathic Specialists, LLC
  • Desert Foothills Library
  • Community Church of the Verdes
  • Solari Hospice
  • Arizona Enlightenment Center
  • Jahgee Yoga
  • Visionquest Bookstore
  • East West Exchange Bookstore
  • City of Tempe
  • Southwest Herb Shop
  • Pima Medical Institute
  • Rainbow from Heaven Bookstore
  • Sunflower Marketplace
  • Yahweh Yoga
  • McDowell Village
  • Whispering Pines Retreat Center
  • Chapel Rock Retreat Center
  • Spirit in Motion
  • BBW Expo
  • Ladies Healing Day

Books and CD’s:

  • How to Meditate Using Guided Imagery Visionary Insight Press 2016*
  • Whispers of the Heart Visionary Insight Press 2015* 
  • 365 DAYS OF ANGEL PRAYERS Spiritual Living 2014*
  • Living Your Purpose Visionary Insight Press 2013*
  • Excerpt in the book Invoking the Archangels Hierophant Publishing 2011
  • Magic and Miracles 2017
  • Connecting with the Angels: Meditations for Your Heart, Mind & Soul 2017
  • Create Healing Now: A Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit 2008
  • The Garden Within 2013
  • Here We Grow Again 2013 

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Television and Radio Appearances:

  • Soul Revolution Radio (multiple appearances)
  • Blog Talk Radio: Power Hour & Holistic Health
  • AZTV The Morning Scramble

Fun Facts:

  • Meditation changed my life!
  • I absolutely love teaching and connecting with people.
  • Yoga is my medicine.
  • I LOVE spending time in nature. It’s food for the soul.
  • I am an essential oil junkie … I love them all!
  • I love the ocean! I could go scuba diving or snorkeling every day and never get bored.
  • I love live music.
  • I love to travel.
  • I love to give back to The Universe so each year I donate to a selection of charities including the World Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society, The National Wildlife Federation and a few other organizations that help keep Mother Earth and all of her beautiful creatures thriving.
  • I absolutely LOVE the journey that I’m on. I am blessed beyond words!