Marci offers a number of classes and workshops

that will inspire your mind and open your heart.

Our groups are a place where people can:

  • Learn to trust their inner wisdom and guidance
  • Cultivate a community connection
  • Infuse their lives with joy, creativity and abundance
  • Strengthen creative insights and awareness
  • Expand their spiritual connection
  • Create a healthier lifestyle through various holistic practices and more!

Please check the EVENTS CALENDAR for more information.

What others are saying:

I have taken several classes with Marci and she is amazing! She is a gifted and intuitive life coach who loves and cares for all and their journey through life. Her guidance and support have provided me with a direct path to happiness! – Deb

I have had the opportunity to take two of Marci’s workshops & walked away feeling transformed. I continue to use the tools I learned & feel I have grown so much in my spiritual, personal & relationships with the help of them. Her loving & kind spirit is one of those that shines & attracts you to her. I highly recommend her services, whatever it is you’re seeking! – Lisa 

Thank you for such an inspiring, beautiful, and loving class last evening!  You have such a precious gift of being able to provide the personal touch that everyone needs within a group setting. – Terri

Thank you for your class last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved your energy and passion. I am hooked, and you will definitely see me at more of your events. I appreciate you. – Martha

Thank you so much for the class last night. I admire, respect, and appreciate you very much. You emanate authenticity and love and you’re a natural teacher of both. – Wendy

I have learned so much in this class. It’s impossible to share it all. Letting go of what doesn’t fit any more and asking for help is huge for me.Thank you for an amazing soul finding adventure. I am so grateful for the gifts I received.  – Jan

I loved your class last night and your energy is contagious, so thank you so much. With love and lots of gratitude. – Lisa

Thank you Marci for helping me walk thru this journey. Love you, sweet lady! – Tammy

It was a wonderful class & I’m so grateful to have met this group. Danielle

Thank you so much for tonight’s class. You are such a fun person and I felt great afterwards. – Amy

The work  I have done has not been easy, but worth every step, struggle and emotion. You are truly an angel. I am thankful for the opportunity to have met you, learn from you and call you my friend. This angel class has given me a much deeper connection spiritually, than I have ever experienced. I love my new found practice. I will forever be grateful for the teachings you have shared with me. I also enjoy meeting other wonderful souls in the space you provide, to feel a true sense of oneness and community. – Jamaica

I really enjoyed the class last night. Thank you! – Patty

 Your class was absolutely wonderful. I especially enjoyed being introduced to and practicing the different types of healing visualizations. You did a great job and brought a beautiful energy with you. Thank you! – Barb

I loved the session with you. I “took away” the concept that we all grow spiritually in a different way and to trust that what I am receiving is real. – Mary

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I found the class very informative and inspiring. You have a wonderful gift!!!!! You are truly a blessing. – Nancy

Marci is one of the sweetest spirits I have ever had the blessing to cross paths with. She is beautiful inside and outside. – Kathy

Marci has such a beautiful way of sharing her knowledge and her gifts in a way that is so easy to understand and she has the ability to show you a way that you can incorporate it into your own daily life. Marci is so full of love and compassion and it emanates from her. Through her own journey, Marci has learned to create the life she truly desires. When taking a class with Marci, you will see how making a simple change in your thoughts or actions, can lead you in a direction to create what you truly desire. There is no greater gift than to learn from example. Marci absolutely lives what she teaches and that is the greatest gift. – Amy