Aromatherapy for the Soul


Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils



Fragrances, with their intriguing ability to evoke emotions, memories, and
visions, have played an important role in the world’s spiritual traditions since
the dawn of time. Drawn from the essential oils of plants, they serve as an
earthly connection with the Divine. In her fascinating book, renowned
aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood breaks new ground with an in-depth study of
the use of fragrance in spirituality. Drawing on the pioneering research of
eminent scientists and the insights of leading spiritual teachers, she provides
exhaustive guidelines detailing how fragrance can be used in many spiritual
practices, from Shinto and Buddhism to Native American rites. Extensive charts,
exercises, and formulas demonstrate the use of aroma in healing, prayer, and
meditation and in conjunction with vibrational and energetic healing. Covering
more than 70 essential oils, this extraordinary guide helps readers call upon
the divine power of fragrance to enrich their own spiritual journeys.

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