How to Meditate Using Guided Imagery


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This number one best-seller contains guided imagery scripts for individuals, teachers, presenters and workshop facilitators. Whether you are new to meditation or just want to improve your practice, this book features over 50 topics including connecting with angels, creating abundance, emotional healing, finding your purpose, weight loss and more. There is even a bonus section for children!

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What others are saying:

This book is amazing. It just reminds me we have all the answers we need – right inside of is. This book gives us the tools we need to be still and find those answers. – Debbie L.

This book explains meditation to me in a way that is very accessible and uncomplicated. I am a big fan of meditation and it does improve my quality of life but I am not consistent with it – and just learned from this book why a consistent practice would exponentially increase the effectivity. I’ve only bought the book and read one of the guided meditations and I am excited to put it into practice. I love the way all of the senses are described to create a powerful guided visualization experience. – Susan E.

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE this book! How wonderful that Lisa and Marci have made meditation so clear, simple and accessible! As a self-love and forgiveness coach, this resource is invaluable! I am super excited to use these meditations with my clients and with my own children. I am impressed by the wide range of perfectly selected topics and the affirmations that go with each meditation are lovely and powerful. I will make excellent use of this book. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and heart! – Jeri T.

So beautifully written, a good tool to use whether you are an experienced meditator or a newbie, this is the book for you! As a Massage Therapy instructor I am always looking for guided meditations, this book is a gem. I plan on making it mandatory reading for my upcoming Massage Therapy students. Thank you for this lovely book! – Amazon Customer

Beautifully written! I love the meditations, simple to follow and wonderful guidance throughout the book! Certainly going to be giving this book as a gift. Love it!!! – Melissa C.

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