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Along with a short introduction to the benefits of various meditation techniques, this book contains information on the seven main chakras, proper alignment and breathing techniques, guidance for creating a sacred space, and a number of guided imagery scripts for individuals and instructors alike. Whether you are new to meditation or just want to improve your practice, this book features over 50 topics including techniques for relieving stress and anxiety, emotional healing, creating abundance, finding your purpose, weight loss and more. There is even a bonus section for children! You can purchase your own signed copy HERE

WOW – This book blew me away! I’m someone who meditates every day, and this book was simple, easy to follow and beautifully thought out for people who meditate on any level. – Deanna L.

Magic and Miracles

Affirmation Cards

Ready for some magic? Need a miracle? This fully illustrated card deck offers 44 inspirational messages for spiritual growth and healing. When in need, simply choose a card from the deck and trust the guidance you receive. Each card contains a powerful, life-changing message that can be posted on facebook, tweeted, pinned on Pinterest, or shared on Instagram with the hashtag #magicandmiracles.

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Magic and Miracles CD

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Sit back, relax and enjoy these inspirational messages that will guide you in living a happier, healthier and more authentic life. ORDER HERE